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  • 30%


Work with industry, private equity, and commercial lenders on M&A activities. Perform manufacturing due diligence for financial investment, mergers & acquisitions, and general cash collateral undertakings.

Detail a summary of the operating aspects of the target business and provide feedback on stability, opportunities and liabilities.

“Better understand your current or your future investment”

  • 45%


Work with all levels of site personnel to achieve process improvement and support company objectives. Utilizing modified six sigma techniques along with lean manufacturing concepts and tools to bring about process and profit improvement.

Utilize data along with key process experience to make informed decisions and implement and/or confirm best work practices. Develop performance monitoring and tracking tools to help prioritize resources and steer data driven results.

“Every dollar is important”

  • 25%


Work with management and operations personnel to enhance organizational structure and alignment. Identify roles and responsibilities and clearly define accountability and reporting structure.

Dig into the activity details to understand the critical and non-value added work being performed. Align goals throughout departments and work with management to prioritize task and strip non-value added activities.

“One common goal and target”